How many grams of protein a day do people with kidney disease need? Important research.

In order to lose weight, people make many changes in their diet and consume more protein, which affects the kidneys badly.

If a person already has kidney disease, taking a high protein diet can be harmful for him.

India’s nephrologist said in his research that every healthy person needs only 0.83 grams of protein a day.

According to doctors, the use of protein obtained from animals causes more damage to the kidney than the protein obtained from plants, the reason being that animal protein contains more saturated fat.

Most people who go to the gym use protein supplements which help in building muscles but its major disadvantage is that it increases the amount of urine and thus increases the amount of calcium in our body. Its causes a burden on the kidneys.

Medical experts say that in order to keep the kidney healthy, it is important not to consume more than 1.5 kg of protein, not to consume high carbohydrate foods, adopt the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and consume more water.