How can smart artificial intelligence steal your password?

With artificial intelligence putting users’ privacy at risk, British experts have expressed concerns about password theft.

A recent UK study found that special computer programs thanks to artificial intelligence can secretly listen to your typing sounds and figure out what you’re typing. It may sound like a fairy tale but it is real and this feature of artificial intelligence can even put your password at risk.

Researchers tried to train a computer program to understand typing sounds, which experts say is a big problem because the program can guess your passwords too accurately, leading to users’ Privacy may be affected.

The researchers used a MacBook Pro computer for the experiment. Surprisingly, the program succeeded in copying the typing almost perfectly.

Shows that our passwords can be easily stolen. Interestingly, the program pays more attention to how you type than how loud your keyboard makes.

The program worked even when people were talking on a computer using apps like Zoom and Skype, copying typing correctly about 90 percent of the time. The study found that artificial intelligence Private information may be at risk because of gender.

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