How can citizens play their own role in preventing the Corona virus? Manasha Pasha said

LAHORE: Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha has announced support for the daily wage earners in view of the post-Karuna virus situation.

On the social networking site, Manasha Pasha said in the tweet, “There is someone in the industry who has raised money in the form of a group to help those who earn a daily wage”.

He wrote that in the coming weeks, the situation is going to be such that the daily wage earners will have difficulty, we will send all the people who earn daily wages in a packet containing essential goods. There will be tea leaves, soaps and other things.

The actress wrote, “There are people around you who are living on a daily wage. Take care of people and families, even if they do not come to your door. And wash your hands several times a day. ‘

Manasha Pasha appealed to the people to play their role in helping to prevent the Karuna virus.