How Arshad Sharif’s murder happened, investigation report.

Karachi Pakistani investigation team conducted a detailed investigation of Khurram Ahmed and Waqar Ahmed who were with Arshad Sharif on the day of the incident and also visited the place of the victim’s car farm and the place of the dinner.

Pakistani investigators are investigating the murder of Arshad Sharif in Kenya.

The Pakistani investigation team met the Kenyan authorities. The Kenyan authorities provided the details.
The members of the team visited the scene of the fire-affected vehicle and the place of the dinner
Khurram Ahmed, who was with Arshad Sharif on the day of the incident, was investigated in detail.

The team asked Khurram Ahmed what happened after the firing, to which Khurram Ahmed said that he was suddenly frightened by the firing. Immediately after the incident, he called his brother Waqar. done

Khurram Ahmed told the Pakistani investigation team that Waqar asked to reach the First Tapisi Farm, which is 22 km away from the crime scene.

After which Waqar Ahmad said in the statement that when Khurram received a call, he told about the firing on the car.

Waqar Ahmad said that after giving details to the officials of the Kenyan police and a Pakistani friend on the way, the body of Arshad Sharif was in the car when he first reached Tapisi Farm. Key police officers also arrived and collected evidence.

Light in the of the investigation, a rehearsal of the entire incident was also conducted at the scene. Sources of the investigation team said that there was no CCTV camera installed in the lodge where the dinner was held.

Electricity in the lodge area is also provided by generators and alternative sources.

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