Hotel in space.

We are very behind in technology because we get everything ready, so why should we compete with the world, from pencils to ships and satellites, everyone gives us China and America, so why should we make pencils or ships?

The ball pen in your pocket is written made in china as if we are so dependent on other countries that we can’t even make a ball pen. From which country do they come, although many things are produced so easily that I cannot tell, but we also order them from foreign countries and do not bother to make them ourselves. It is completely foolish to believe that, you people will not believe that even the normal beds in the hospital are ordered from China by our government, which can easily be made by a small person like me.

Obviously, if a country orders hospital beds from outside, how will it be able to compete with other countries?

You as know that astronauts from different countries are roaming in space, some astronomers are roaming in ISS and TSS and are doing research and informing earthlings about different things on daily basis because these people It is very expensive to deliver a small amount of food every two to three months, so NASA has started working on opening a hotel in space, and “milestones” have also been set for this.

It is hard to believe but it is true that the Orbital Assembly Corporation of “America” has plans to open its first hotel in space in 2027. This project is actually owned by Hilton and they will also be the partners of this hotel. Space hotel is a large space structure. This hotel is 240 meters long, which will consist of four parts. The hotel will have a guest room for energy supply, a public area and a beautiful platform. NASA says that this hotel will actually be in low Earth orbit. According to NASA and CNN, this hotel will be fully operational in about three years, which will provide out-of-this-world luxury to its customers.

While the Pakistani government has put the whole nation behind the dough, we cannot plan for the next two months, while these countries are thinking of the next hundred, two hundred and three hundred years. There is a dead wind nation while the rest of the countries have reached where and we are continuously going backwards since 1947. Most of the books we follow are written by Indians. Now how can we compete with these people?

Written by Tehsin Ullah Khan