Historical facts

08 March 1975

In the 70s
A movement to establish an empowered city government in Karachi began.
His spirit was an unknown non-political personality.

His name was Mirza Jawad Baig
This movement for the establishment of a city government was well received in Karachi
First Education Minister of Pakistan
Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi
Professor ABA Haleem
And serious thinkers like Syed Hussain Imam also supported Mirza Jawad Baig
More than 60 regional units of Tehreek Urban Government will be established in Karachi.

The emigrants gathered and began preparing for a large convention for local government
But Mirza Javad Baig was arrested just one day before the convention.
No offense
No blame
A day after his arrest, a special ordinance was issued
Under which a case of treason was registered against him and his bail application was not heard for two years
The then Sindh Balochistan Chief Court headed by Justice Qureshi sentenced Mirza Jawad Baig to 12 years imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of 7 thousand rupees.

This decision was given by a special bench headed by Justice Qureshi in Quetta.
Later, Mirza Jawad Baig was released on the orders of the Supreme Court.

After being released, Mirza Jawad Baig stopped taking part in any kind of practical and public politics and adopted the status quo.

The history of Karachi proves that the residents of this city have always faced accusations of treason for demanding their rights.

For the new generation, it is very important to know the history before making the right decisions.

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