Hamas widened its targets to target Israeli F-16 planes.

fighter jet flying under white clouds

Lebanese media recently released a video showing members of the Hamas resistance organization targeting Israeli F-16s using surface-to-air missiles.

The video footage, while revealing Hamas’s intent, does not definitively confirm whether the planes sent to attack Gaza were successfully targeted by Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades.

Moreover, al-Qassam Brigades has released another video showing the deployment of explosive-laden drones against Israel.

The footage shows Hamas commandos preparing drones on a launching pad and later launching them.

Additionally, separate videos show tanks, symbols of Israel’s military might, being systematically destroyed by explosives.

Reports suggest that the attacks have sent shockwaves through Israel, leaving Israeli soldiers in awe of Hamas’ military prowess.

The development comes amid continued ground attacks on Israel by Hamas. Reports put the death toll at 1,100 Israelis, with another 2,741 injured in the attacks.

Israeli media sources have confirmed the discovery of the bodies of 108 Israelis, allegedly killed by Hamas, in a settlement of Jewish settlers.

However, the Lebanese media claims that 100 Israeli soldiers are also included in these deaths.

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