GPT Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

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GPT is a category of language models developed by OpenAI. These models are trained on massive amounts of text data and can generate human-like responses when given a prompt or a question. GPT models use a transformer architecture, which allows them to capture long-range dependencies in text and generate coherent and contextually relevant responses.

GPT-based chatbots have been used in various applications, including customer support, virtual assistants, and social media chatbots. They can engage in conversations, answer questions, provide recommendations, and simulate natural language interactions with users.

The chat functionality of GPT models can be implemented by providing the model with a user’s message or prompt and generating a response based on the context and the training data it has been exposed to. This makes GPT-based chatbots quite versatile as they can adapt to different conversational styles and provide relevant information, although they may sometimes produce incorrect or nonsensical responses.

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