Govt is collecting 79 rupees 25 paise per liter from the public in the form of taxes and levies on petrol.

a close up of a person holding a gas pump

The prices of petrol and diesel have reached the highest level in the country. Government has announced an increase in the price of petrol by Rs.326

In July this year, an agreement was signed between the government of Pakistan and the IMF, according to which Rs. 60 per liter is to be charged as PDL.

After the recent increase in prices, the government is collecting taxes and levies of Rs 79 25 paisa per liter on petrol. Actually, the base price of petrol is Rs 252 13 paisa per liter while the rate of petroleum levy on petrol is Rs 60 per litre.

The government has increased the freight margin on petrol by Rs 1.60 paise per litre, after which the freight margin on petrol has increased from Rs 3.77 paise to Rs 5.37 paise per litre.

The margin of oil companies on petrol has been increased from Rs 6 to Rs 6 47 paisa per liter and dealers’ margin has been increased from Rs 7 to Rs 7 41 paisa per litre.

The government is levying a tax levy of Rs 64 11 paise per liter on diesel while the base price of diesel is Rs 266 5 paise per litre.

The margin of diesel companies has been increased by 46 paisa per liter, the margin of oil companies has been increased to Rs.670 paisa per liter.

Dealers’ margin on diesel has been increased by 41 paise per liter and has been increased to Rs 7.41 paise per litre.

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