Government measures in emerging economic growth.

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People who know Imran Khan know that Khan is the most famous leader of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s purpose in coming to the government was to restore the greatness and dignity of Pakistan. ۔

1- Raising the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the international level that we Muslims love our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and cannot tolerate arrogance in his honor, it will be considered a crime and will be declared. For example, speaking out against the Holocaust has mobilized embassies abroad to solve the problems of Pakistanis overseas.

2- Providing employment opportunities for the new manpower in the Middle East.

He revived the textile industry which had been closed for 10 years. He provided 100% increase in production and exports to foreign exchange.

4- Increased exports by starting mobile phone manufacturing.

  1. For a long time now, India has been selling Pakistani goods in foreign countries with its own label. The same items are now being sold in the world under the name of Pakistani brand.
  2. Previous solar energy contracts were now done at Rs. 5 instead of Rs. 25.
  3. Appropriate and timely payment of production to the farmer was made mandatory.

8- Under Ehsas program, anchorages, shelters, delivery of food by mobile trucks, monthly payment of Rs. 12,000 to deserving families, business loans to young people are included.
Other initiatives have been instrumental in accelerating economic growth, including the construction of large dams 50 years later, the construction of motorways, roads, industries and the beginning of business. Launch of big projects
In the coming months and years, it will prove to be a help in the economic development of the country, God willing.

And yes, the former greedy rulers will not see economic growth because now the national treasury will be spent on public welfare instead of going into their pockets. The construction and development of the country will increase day by day.

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