Good Prices of solar panels have reached their lowest level.

white wind turbine on top of a building

In various countries around the world, including Europe, the prices of solar panels have decreased to such an extent that they are being used to build fences in countries like Holland and Germany.

According to global media reports, some images shared on social media show that people have started using solar panels to build fences instead of installing them on their rooftops.

Solar panels are installed on rooftops, but in these European countries, the number of workers available to install panels is so high that people are considering using solar panels for fences.

The reason for the low prices of solar panels is the increasing production by Chinese companies in the global market. The Chinese grip on the market has increased significantly due to the high supply of solar panels, surpassing American and European manufacturers’ capacity to compete.

The International Energy Agency estimates that by the end of this year, global solar panel supply may reach up to 1,100 gigawatts, three times more than the current demand.

The agency further stated that prices have already dropped by half on the spot market in 2023, and an additional 40 percent decrease is expected by 2028.

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