Good news for people receiving low salary in Saudi Arabia.

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According to the report of the international news agency, the National Housing Company in Saudi Arabia has said that those Saudi citizens whose salary does not exceed seven thousand riyals will be provided with houses in monthly installments, the installment will start with 850 riyals. . The recovery will be started on handing over the house.

According to the national company, in the first phase, 12 projects will be implemented in different areas of the country, the projects will be updated on a regular basis, the program for providing houses in easy installments is subsidized.

The national company wants to make more citizens who do not buy houses own houses through the above program.

According to the national company, the candidates will be given an additional amount of up to one lakh Riyals, not only this, but those who will buy a house will also be given an additional subsidy package of up to one and a half lakh Riyals, the under construction flats will be part of the said program.

It should be noted that grand projects are being announced on a phased basis to fulfill the goals of Vision 2030 by the Saudi government.

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