Good news came for Pakistanis trapped in Saudi Arabia.

Islamabad: Saudi Aviation approves PIA request Saudi Aviation allowed PIA to repatriate Pakistanis by March 18.
According to the details there has been good news for Pakistanis trapped in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aviation has allowed PIA to operate special flights to Jeddah and Medina, after which it will be able to land empty planes from Pakistan to Jeddah and Medina. The PIA will return pilgrims and travelers from Jeddah and Medina by special flights until March 18. The PIA has been given special permission until March 18.

In this regard, the spokesman said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs is committed to facilitate Pakistani Umrah pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has established three front desk facility counters at Jeddah Airport. All the employees of the Office of Hajjaj Jeddah have been posted at Jeddah Airport. According to the religious affairs spokesman, the staff is there to provide 24-hour facilitation and guidance to the returning Umrah pilgrims. Amla plays a vital role in coordinating between the consulate and Saudi officials for the return of Pakistani visitors.

It is to be noted that Saudi Aviation gave travelers from all countries, including Pakistan, 72 hours ultimatum to return from Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, those who are Saudi citizens or hold Iqama visas under Saudi government’s instructions. He was given a postponement in which he could travel to Saudi Arabia. The deadline ended today, March 15.