General Bajwa said don’t call Imran Fazlur Rehman diesel.

When Prime Minister Imran Khan came to address the rally in Lower Dir, the participants of the PTI rally chanted slogans of diesel diesel.

Addressing the participants, the Prime Minister said that he was just talking to General Bajwa. He said that Imran Fazlur Rehman should not be called diesel.

If the nation bows down to anyone then no one respects this country as long as you are proud the world will respect you. The three have come together.

Nawaz Sharif is holding a slip in the hand of US President. He had a slip in his hand and was trembling. He cannot make an independent foreign policy.

“It is my duty to make you a great nation. I will never bow down to anyone and I will not let you bow down. Three Stooges destroyed all the institutions of the country,” Diesel told a news conference. Will you fix the institution? Will you fix the army? Will you fix the institutions? You destroyed whatever you touched.

Addressing the gathering the Prime Minister further said that Diesel told the American diplomat that he would serve him. Give me a chance. Asif Zardari writes a letter to the Americans. Save me from my army. What’s wrong Shahbaz Sharif also wears a tie and says Sir give me a chance I will serve.