Former PM Imran Khan is not recovering from the imported government.

A meeting of the central leadership of PTI was held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan in which important issues related to the preparations for the Minar-e-Pakistan meeting were discussed in detail.

The PTI expressed concern over the inclusion of those released on bail in the federal cabinet and demanded immediate holding of general elections in the country.

Imran Khan said that unnatural imported government is not controlling the situation. An attempt has been made to distort the face of democracy by recruiting the accused involved in various crimes in the federal cabinet. Pakistan stands at the most important stage and place in its history. The nation has risen above the leadership and is watching the external conspiracy and the attack on sovereignty.

Imran Khan said that his people know that the nation is not ready to compromise on freedom and sovereignty. It is not possible to deprive the people of future decisions for a long time. Giving the right of decision, Pakistan will go ahead. The administration should avoid the folly of creating obstacles in the meeting. It is not possible to imprison the sea of ​​people.