Flour is sold at 160 rupees per kg across the country. Inflation has forced people to go hungry.

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As a result of rising inflation in Pakistan, the price of flour per kg has reached 160 rupees, after which citizens are forced to stand in long queues in cheap markets to buy flour in severe cold.

Due to the carelessness of the government and the concerned authorities, flour has also become out of the reach of the poor.

Due to the sharp increase in the prices of flour, the back of the poor people was broken and the flour which was available for 65 rupees per kg started to be available for 160 rupees.

Mill owners in Lahore increased the prices for the eighth time in two months and the flour became one hundred and sixty rupees, while in Karachi flour is also available for one hundred and fifty rupees per kg.

Citizens are forced to stand in long queues in the cheap markets to buy flour in extreme cold. Citizens say that flour is sometimes found and sometimes they return empty-handed.

In Sukkur, flour prices increased by Rs 10 in 24 hours and flour which fetched Rs 150 per kg was sold at Rs 160 per kg.

10 kg a bag Similarly of flour which was available for Rs 1350 has become Rs 1380. A bag of 10 kg flour has increased by Rs 30 within 24 hours, but the government and the relevant authorities have failed to control the prices of flour.

In Quetta, a bag of 20 kg flour is being sold at Rs 2800, while a bag of 50 kg is being sold at Rs 7500 to 8000. Like the whole country, flour has become expensive in Islamabad, and low-income citizens are fighting to get cheap flour.

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