Female march is increasing the rate of caliphate, Nashish Jahangir.

Act Nashish Jahangir recently discussed the women’s rights movement in a pod cast on the march and divorce rate.

He said that nowadays, what is the reason for divorcing here after two months?
Mother in law said Wake up at 10 am in the morning and this is the reason and the girl said why in the wake of?
If well women think of it as a reason for divorce, then do not cry again that we have divorced.

I believe in equality where women have the rights, where men have the rights where there is noise of abuse of women, there should be abuse of men,” Nashish Jahangir said.

I still say today that not every crying woman is true. I believe in equality and do not believe that marching a woman on the road is to raise the voice for women’s rights. I do not believe in injustice -based feminism.” And I understand that marching a woman on the road is not feminism.

Nazish Jahangir said that the woman who is raised through the march or for whom we are fighting, does not reach it. .