Famous actress of Pakistani dramas and films has decided to leave Pakistan.

Participated iman ali in a comedy show of a private news channel where he gave interesting answers to the host’s questions which surprised his fans.

Hostess when the asked her about the economic conditions of the country, she said that enough is enough, I am thinking of leaving the country. Explaining the reason, he said that my husband is in Canada, so he is there.

Answer to a question, the actress expressed her hatred for social media and said that she gets angry with social media because people are very rude. She does not respond to criticism on social platforms.

Want what to be in your life۔

Answer to this question, the artiste said that I wanted to become a chef because I am very fond of cooking. Am made karahi at the age of 11.

November in of last year, Iman Ali showed the essence of acting in Touch Button presented by ARY Films. Urwa hussain Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan also played roles in the film.

Film before the release she was battling a rare disease, multiple sclerosis, and was away from the screen. iman said working in a film after a long time feels like his debut.

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