Ex PM Imran Khan needs army more than Imran Khan for Islamabad.

IK is speaking for the first time on Twitter space. In his speech, he bluntly said that we should never speak against the army but to strengthen it. Army is more important for this country than Imran Khan.

My struggle is against the mafia

My 26 years of struggle was against the Mafia. In Pakistani politics, two families continue to rule. It is very important to change the system for change.

Imran Khan said that I knew that one day all these will come together. Now such people have been imposed on the country who were involved in corruption. Today criminals have been imposed on our nation.

The government faced blackmail

Speaking on Twitter space the chairman of PTI said that blackmailing was faced due to being a coalition government during the rule. Our coalition government has gone through compromises. ۔

He admitted that on the occasion of the election we had given wrong tickets which has been assessed.

In his address, he said that now the situation is most different. For the first time the whole nation felt that there was a conspiracy from outside and the government was changed through it. Has been imposed on the country.

Half of the most corrupt people are on bail and have become part of the cabinet and now they are saying that the PTI has made things worse even though when we left power the biggest exports and remittances were.

Announcing a full-fledged election campaign from within Sindh

Speaking on a social networking site, the PTI chairman said that the situation in Sindh was similar to the fear of MQM in Karachi. Zardari Mafia has enslaved people in Sindh through police By threatening, Zardari mafia rules in Sindh. This time, I will run a full-fledged election campaign in Sindh.

An Excellent protest against the imported government

Imported government disapproval is a great protest. This is the best time to tell Mir Jafar Mir Sadiq sitting outside and inside us. This is not the time when Zulfiqar Bhutto was removed. Imported government disapproval has become a movement. Are about to launch a campaign.