Ex PM Imran Khan arrested.

PTI workers blocked Canal Road from both sides, Zaman Park has also been taken over by PTI workers, Thandi Road and Jail Road were also closed for traffic by PTI on Mall Road. has started a protest.

Along with the workers, the anger is also being seen among the public, due to the closure of the main highways of the city, long queues of vehicles have formed on the side roads.

On the other hand, the trend in Imran Khan’s favor on social media as well, tags like “Imran Khan is our red line”, Imran Khan has not done any sin, Niklo_Khan_Ki_Zindagi_Bachao has gained momentum.

Hamad Azhar on the social networking site Twitter said that May 9 will not be the day of Imran Khan’s arrest but the day of Pakistan’s independence.

The arrest of Imran Khan without the permission of the NAB court is illegal. Issuing the arrest warrant of the Chairman NAB is beyond the powers of the Islamabad High Court. Arrest warrant issued for Imran Khan.

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