Every heart loving artist Moin Akhtar passed away nine years from his fans

Moin Akhtar was second to none in performing arts in Pakistan, especially the art of imitation. Making this art the source of his identity very well, Moin Akhtar showcased his talents from voice acting to acting and achieved seven heights of fame.

Artists like Moin Akhtar are born in centuries. From stage to radio to radio to television and then to film Nigri, Moin Akhtar has played hundreds of roles in thousands of guises and they are all immortal and imprinted on the minds.

He is remembered as a versatile artist and outstanding artist who has done creative and brilliant work in every field of this country. Along with comedy in stage and television dramas, Moin Akhtar also played serious roles. Acting Actor Moin Akhtar has also demonstrated his abilities and abilities as a successful host and scriptwriter on various programs.

Moin Akhtar hails from Karachi, where he opened his eyes on December 24, 1950. This unparalleled actor ended his life in the city in 2011.

Moin Akhtar was 16 when he gave his first performance on stage and won the hearts of the audience. Television was the medium where he rose to prominence. In the 70’s, Moin Akhtar had made a name for himself all over Pakistan.

Comedy shows Fifty Fifty Loose Talk Half Plate Studio Dhai and TV plays like Rosie became very popular due to their brilliant performances.

Moin Akhtar’s artistic journey spans 45 years, which is said to be glorious and influential in every way.

The impeccable king of the performing arts won several prestigious awards and was well-liked across the border. Moin Akhtar was awarded Star of Distinction and Medal of Merit by the Government of Pakistan.

Moin Akhtar is one of those artists of Pakistan who ruled the hearts and never in any way disappointed his fans with his performances. With Moin Akhtar a treatise on stage and stage performances as a holiday

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