Dubai’s famous Karak Chai is out of reach of people.

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In Dubai, a place popular among tourists from all over the world, where there are many attractive things, the special Karak tea here is also very popular among local people and tourists, but the inflation has also affected the price of tea.

Moin, a tea seller, says that initially its price was set at only one dirham, which now has no choice but to increase it to one and a half dirhams.

Everything used in tea has become expensive, milk, sugar, tea leaves, etc. Even disposable cups have doubled in price.

Made with milk, sugar, best leaves and cardamom, this Karak Chai is considered to be Dubai’s signature drink and is popular among locals and tourists alike.

On the increase in the price of this particular drink, Moin says that for almost two decades, the cardamom-flavored and fatigue-relieving drink has been priced at one dirham, which was a 100-fils coin of the Emirates.

Abdullah Mousavis, a Palestinian citizen living in the Emirates, says that apart from this special tea, the price of cone ice cream of a well-known brand here has also increased from 1 dirham to 2 dirhams recently.

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