Drink fennel syrup in summer.

The advantages and properties of fennel are endless, it is a spice plentiful in various minerals, nutrients and dietary fiber that revises hormonal irregularity in ladies.

Fennel espresso likewise has supernatural properties and for this, that’s what nutritionists say if you need to get thinner rapidly, then Fennel espresso is awesome.

Aside from this, it has various medical advantages. However, here we accompany a heavenly recipe made with fennel which is extremely helpful in summer.

Fennel syrup
To make fennel syrup, first make its powder and keep it, then, at that point, it won’t ruin for a year.
How to make fennel powder?
Fennel 6 tbsp

Little cardamom half tablespoon

Egyptian 50 grams

Dark salt one quarter teaspoon

This is your sorbet powder is prepared. Store it in a hermetically sealed container. It won’t ruin for as long as a year. There are two methods for making it which we are letting you know here.

Technique 1.

Add one spoonful of this powder in a glass of water, blend it (you can channel it as well), add the balinga seeds, add a ton of ice, your flavorful syrup is prepared.

Technique 2.

Put this powder in a glass, presently add Tham Balinga in it and add any white soft drink on top.

Take your invigorating beverage, it’s prepared, drink it with ice and serve it to your visitors.