Dried apricots are a health treasure.

Apricot is a fruit grown in cold mountainous areas which is full of flavor and nutrition. It is also called yellow potato.
Dried apricots may seem like a small, beautiful seed, but they contain a wealth of health, which contains many vitamins. These vitamins protect us from other infectious diseases.

Dried apricot is a very sweet and nutritious dried fruit and fruit. Apricots are used fresh in summer and dried in winter. Freshly grown apricots in summer are dried apricots in winter. Fruits are rich in potassium, iron fiber and beta carotene which most people are not aware of.

Consumption of fresh and dried apricots is extremely beneficial for health.

Vitamin A is found in large quantities in apricots, therefore its use sharpens the weak eyesight, protects the skin from old age and nervous weakness, protects the knees, joints and muscles from pain and strengthens the heart and brain.

Due to the presence of calcium in dried apricots, it acts as an excellent tonic for bone health. In include to calcium dried apricots also contain a lot of potassium.

Due to being a dried fruit, it contains a large amount of fiber and also contains very few calories. The fiber in it makes the digestive system more active which is extremely helpful in weight loss.

Big amount of fiber also controls cholesterol levels which reduces the risk of heart disease. Consumption of half a cup of dried apricots protects against many heart diseases and keeps the blood circulation flowing.

If people with weak stomachs use it before eating, then it protects against all diseases like indigestion and acidity. Dried apricot eliminates constipation.

Iron in dried apricots plays an important role in relieving anemia and anemia enhances immunity against anemia.

Dried apricots eliminate wrinkles and make them clear and transparent, as well as protect against irritation and eczema caused by sunburn.

The antioxidants found in apricots also reduce the risk of cancer Dry apricots can also be used to treat acne and freckles.

  1. Eat seven to five grains of apricot and drink a glass of lassi from the top Improves the digestive system and relieves constipation. It also reduces heartburn.
  2. Daily use of apricots benefits blood flow and blood flow.
  3. It is very useful to use warm water with 2 grains of apricot daily to get rid of sore throat and bad breath.
  4. Use 50 grams of dried apricots with green tea. It will clear stomach worms.
  5. The lycopene in apricots keeps the arteries clean by lowering the level of LDL, a cholesterol that is very harmful to the heart.
  6. In case of loss of appetite or stomach upset, one foot apricot with 10 grams of fennel is very useful to use daily.
  7. In case of heat and boils in the blood, soak 100 grams of hot apricot in 30 grams of jujube in 300 ml of water and keep it overnight.
  8. Applying apricot juice in the ears eliminates deafness. This tip can also be used in case of ear pain.

9- Soak five apricots and five figs in water at night. Use with water in the morning. It is beneficial in hemorrhoids.

10- The use of apricot relieves hardening of the liver and prevents acid belching.
Apricot production and consumption is high in the southern parts of Pakistan
This is the reason why people who work and toil more than the urban life living in the mountains stay slim, smart and energetic for a long time, protected from various diseases.