Don’t get sick in your life.

They said, son, just don’t get sick
I asked with some hesitation that Babaji, even at the age of 90, you look healthy while walking, your teeth are full, your face is radiant, content and peaceful, tell me the secret of good health?

They said, son, just don’t get sick
I said it is not our business
Laughing, they said that’s all
I said you tell me I will definitely act
He came close to me and slowly said that he should never put any food in his mouth without Bismillah, whether it is a sip of water, medicine or a grain of gram.

I became silent.

Then they said, Allah did not create anything without a purpose and without reason. There is a wisdom in everything and both benefit and harm are hidden in it. When we eat or drink anything in the name of Allah, then Allah blesses it. And blessed things are beneficial.

Always recite Bismillah, eat and drink and keep thanking the Creator in your heart again and again, and even when you finish, raise your hands and thank God. Believe me, you will never get sick. Make your children used to it. Allah’s mercy.

And even if you ever fall ill, remember Allah in sickness, remember Him, He will give you good health from before
I started to get up after saluting, then they held my hand and said
Listen to one more thing about food
I said yes and sat down again
They said, “Son, remember one thing, if you are eating with someone at a table or table, never forget to take the initiative, no matter how hungry you are, put it on the plate of the person in front of you first and wait until you have eaten.”

Don’t put it in your mouth, don’t start it
I did not have the courage to ask his benefit.

But they themselves said, “Son, this is the charity of your food, and at the same time, Allah was pleased that you first thought of His servant and presented your good conduct.”
How deprived we and our children are of the little things of religion, the benefits of which are unlimited in this world as well as the hereafter.

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