Delay in justice means injustice actress Mahira Khan.

Recently, actress Mahira Khan while talking to the media said that when something happens, criminals go to jail, so that we all shut up, we keep quiet and nothing happens.

He said that when a girl was raped, brutally tortured, even her teeth were broken, why is there silence after talking about it once?

I just want the media not to stop talking about it she said. This incident should be continuously covered.

According to actress Mahira Khan, when there are such incidents in the house of law makers, who will we talk to about the law?
He further said that delay in justice means injustice. We should not be silent until something happens.

It should be noted that a young domestic worker, Fatima Fariro, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the mansion of Pir Asad Shah Jilani, an influential local in Tehsil Ranipur of Khairpur.

The CCTV footage obtained from the mansion of Pir Asad Shah Jilani went viral on social media, in which the marks of torture and injuries are visible on the body and head of a 10-year-old girl.

Later, the post-mortem of the young domestic worker Fatima was carried out, the medical board in its preliminary report confirmed the pre-mortem torture and rape of Fatima.

After Fatima’s post-mortem report confirmed rape and physical violence, actress Mahira Khan has expressed her deepest regret and demanded severe punishment for the accused.

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