Creative Teaching. Take the help of tools to stimulate creativity.

man in gray crew neck t-shirt and black pants standing near black wooden table
  1. Mind Maps: Mind maps are a great way to visually represent ideas and concepts. It helps in retaining information by using images and keywords.
  2. Collaborative learning: Collaborative learning is an effective way to encourage creativity and critical thinking. Students work together to solve problems, complete tasks and share their ideas.
  3. Debate and discussions: Encourage pupils to discuss among themselves and engage in debates. These help in understanding different perspectives and ideas. Moreover, engaging in debates and discussions stimulates creative thinking.
  4. Digital media: Using multimedia tools such as videos, audios, and images can help students engage with different sources of information and develop their understanding in many different ways.
  5. Art and Craft: By exploring different art and craft techniques, pupils get the chance to create, experiment and imagine. This helps in stimulating creativity and enhancing critical thinking.
  6. Role-play: Role-play encourages students to creatively take on different roles and engage in a simulated environment. This helps improve confidence and encourages creativity.
  7. Games: Games help pupils learn in a fun and interactive way. By playing games, they learn to think creatively, solve problems, and develop their critical thinking skills. Many games are perfect for stimulating creativity and imagination.