Creating linkable assets with ChatGPT.

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Involves generating content that provides value to users and encourages them to share and link to it. Here are some ideas for linkable assets and how to create them using ChatGPT.

1.In-Depth Blog Posts.

Write comprehensive, well-researched blog posts on topics relevant to your niche. These posts should provide valuable insights, statistics, and actionable advice. Use ChatGPT to draft the content, and then have it edited by a human expert to ensure accuracy and readability.


Create visually appealing infographics that summarize complex information or data in an easy-to-understand format. ChatGPT can help generate the content, and you can use graphic design tools to create the visuals.

3.Whitepapers and Research Reports.

Produce in-depth whitepapers or research reports that delve into industry trends, case studies, or proprietary research findings. ChatGPT can help draft the content, and you can work with experts to validate the research and data.

4.Interactive Tools.

Develop interactive tools, calculators, or quizzes related to your industry or niche. ChatGPT can assist in generating the content and logic for these tools, which can be programmed by a developer.


Create informative and engaging videos on relevant topics. ChatGPT can help you generate scripts and video outlines, and you can collaborate with a videographer or animator to produce high-quality content.


Start a podcast series where you discuss industry-related topics, trends, and insights. Use ChatGPT to help outline podcast episodes and generate talking points.


Write and design ebooks that provide valuable information, insights, or guides to your target audience. ChatGPT can assist in drafting the ebook content, which can be polished by a human writer.

8.Case Studies.

Develop in-depth case studies highlighting how your products or services have helped clients overcome specific challenges. ChatGPT can assist in creating the case study content, and you can include real customer testimonials and data.

9.Industry Reports.

Publish annual or quarterly industry reports that analyze market trends, emerging technologies, and predictions for the future. ChatGPT can help in generating the report content, which should be validated by industry experts.

10.Expert Roundup Articles.

Compile expert opinions and insights from influencers in your niche. ChatGPT can help draft the article, and you can reach out to industry experts for their contributions.

When creating linkable assets, it’s important to focus on quality, originality, and value. Promote your assets through your website, social media, email marketing, and outreach to influencers and websites in your industry.

The more valuable and shareable your content, the more likely it is to attract backlinks and generate organic traffic to your site.