Creating a YouTube channel is not difficult.

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Creating a channel on YouTube and growing it in few days is not difficult anymore but it has become very easy. Getting thousands of subscribers and reach of millions in few days is not rocket science but if you follow this method you will be in few days. You can see magical results and earn a good amount.

Part two

Optimize your video titlea.

Means Optimizing the title formatting the letters well, capitalizing the first letter of each word. Purpose for this you can also use a small tool called TitleCase It! Is.

Making your title SEO-friendly so that your video ranks well and gets more views.
While creating a title for your video, take some time to check the titles of videos similar to your video in the YouTube search and then choose a good title.

Improve video description.

Write a detailed description of the video and tell what you have talked about in the video. If possible, write a summary of the video in the description. One of the advantages of writing a detailed description is that this description is also shown in Google’s search results. The Google ranking of the video is also good.

While writing the description, repeat the words related to the topic of the video again and again and try to have the relevant words in the first two lines and write in such a way that they sound natural and not artificial.

Improve CTR of your video.

CTR stands for click-through rate, i.e. People percentage who click on your video after watching it. Your CTR is twenty five percent, now the question arises how to improve the CTR.

How to improve CTR.

  1. Optimize your thumbnail

If the video is very good but its thumbnail is useless, very few people will click. Thumbnail is the face of your video. The more beautiful and attractive it is, the more chances of clicking.

  1. Video length.

Also keep in mind the length of your video to improve CTR because minutes of video are also visible along with thumbnails, people decide to click or not by seeing minutes of video in addition to thumbnails.

If someone wants to know the details of something then they watch the long video but if someone wants to know the answer of a question then they like the short video so it is important to take care of these things as well.

Add related word tags.

Below the video there is also a place to add tags, just as you have to write the title and description of the words related to the topic of the video, also write some tags of related words. Therefore, it is necessary to have tags to improve the SEO of the video.

Writing the tags, also take care of their order, i.e. write the tags of all the important words first and then write the rest in the same order. If you write too many tags, it will be difficult for search engines to decide what the topic of your video is.

Put a hashtag in the description.

Very popular Hashtag is a very thing that you must know. Famous hashtags are used a lot on Twitter and Facebook. You can use hashtag in the title and description of the YouTube video. A lot of people search by hashtag. Using when hashtags make sure to use two or three hashtags at most.

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