Considering not Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari as thieves is a sign of doomsday.

Addressing a rally in Mardan, Imran Khan said that Zardari and the Sharif family have been looting the country for 30 years. Imposing it has no future.

Nawaz Sharif built 17 factories during his tenure, I sold my grandfather’s and father’s land in 3 and a half years, tell me if I have benefited even one, I challenge no prime minister has spent so little money in office.

I say to all Pakistanis that this is the decisive time of the country, if we do not do Jihad at this time then they will enslave thieves these and their children this nation will become a debtor and slave nation we will fight and fight against them.

Imran Khan said that I will give you a call, there will be a sea of ​​people and they will truly liberate the country.

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