Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, then appoint your army chief, Imran Khan.

In an interview to private TV, Imran Khan said that there was a lot of destruction in the 2010 and the current floods. In Sindh, there was more destruction than the flood. Due to standing water in Sindh, the rice crop will not be able to be cultivated. Dams are the long-term solution to floods. I did not build a big dam.

He said that the biggest problem of Sindh is the lack of water drainage. Houses are built on the drains in Karachi until a regular drainage system is established.

Talking about the economy, he said that the second test is coming, our economy is going down rapidly, the IMF program has been signed, the price of petrol and electricity has increased three times, even after the IMF program, the value of the rupee is going down. I am afraid that this government has no solution in the direction they are going, let alone flood and even if they go bankrupt, it will be a big disaster.

He further said that political stability in the country can only come from elections. When we went, the dollar was worth 178 rupees, the growth rate was 6 percent, there was a record production of four major crops, there was a record sale of vehicles. During our time, oil went from 103 dollars to 115 dollars was

The former prime minister said that I had said that if there is political instability, the economy will not be managed by anyone who has the power. There was no plan.

He further said that all the credit agencies downgraded them, they did not manage the economy, the stock market went down, the IMF put pressure on them, so they increased the prices. Even if the money of the Asian Development Fund is found, it will hardly be 7.8 billion dollars. Even if 7 or 8 billion dollars are found, where will the rest of the money come from?

Imran Khan said that the people who brought down a good government and brought him should ask themselves today whether they were thinking of Pakistan or if these people were very intelligent, they would have had a track record to help the country. What is better?

These two families ruled Pakistan for 32 years, the people who destroyed the institutions of the country and committed corruption, will they have any solution today? I have never been there before. Pakistan has no easy option. Whoever comes will have a mountain of problems.

Whenever the country will be reformed, the first method will be political stability. If there is no political stability, economic stability will not come. Today, all Pakistanis should be worried.

Having become an establishment umpire, we guarantee this guy will be fine
Regarding the Election Commission, Imran Khan said that he has never seen an Election Commission so biased. Shahbaz Sharif gave his names for the Election Commissioner, on which there was a deadlock, we did not accept his names and he became our establishment umpire We guarantee this guy will be fine.

He said that in the by-elections, the Election Commission made all efforts to defeat us. The Election Commission sabotaged the voting machine project.

Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, appoint their army chief
On the issue of the appointment of the Army Chief, the former Prime Minister said that the nation goes up in the world in which there is merit. I said that the position of the Army Chief is important and should be based on merit. are.

He said that Asif Zardari has been stealing money for thirty years, his priority is not merit but to save his money. He is sitting on top after overthrowing my government. It was not for Pakistan. We have 155 seats and PML-N has 85 seats. How is his qualification?

Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, then appoint their army chief.

He further said that its provision may come out, it is not a big thing for the betterment of the country, while the lawyers said that its provision may come out.

On this occasion, Imran Khan was asked whether the extension should be given until the elections are held, so he replied that I have not thought about it in detail yet.

The issue of the new army chief should be postponed until the new government comes, the new government should choose a new army chief.
Am ready to discuss the election, I am not anti-American.

Regarding the contempt of court case, Imran Khan said that I said I express my regret. If I find something bad, I take it back. When I found out that they want to go further than that, I said, I want to talk.
If I had a chance, he might have said what he wanted, but he didn’t give me a chance.

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