Chat GPT vs Google.

After Microsoft, Google has also brought forward its plan.

Microsoft has almost introduced a very powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature like ChatGPT in its search engine Bing.

After Microsoft’s announcement, Google did not lag behind and the company also announced to present its AI feature bar with Google Search.

How does Bard work?

Bard answers the question and it turns out that it is modeled after ChatGPT, in the same context that artificial intelligence is being used in medicine, journalism, video and other fields. Even new methods of business and trade are coming up.

Why did this need arise?

According to technologists, Google started working on ChatGPT with extraordinary inspiration, but they insist that even traditional SEO skills will be insufficient now as the search engine is very fast thanks to the AI feature. will change itself.

Is Bard free of errors?

The famous technology news website ‘The Verge’ has also identified errors in the AI chatbar which are based on facts.

Bard asked what discovery made by the James Webb Space Telescope might be of interest to my nine-year-old?

It should be noted that the virtual robot named ChatGPT, which was launched on November 30 last year, has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence

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