Famous actress Saba Faisal says that I will not go to London, my role is the most important.

While participating in ARY Digital’s program Good Morning Pakistan, Saba Faisal talked about her upcoming film I Won’t Go To London.

Saba Faisal said that I am proud to say that my role in the film is very important. I had a lot of fun playing this role.

He also said that all of you have to watch the movie, I will take 17 people to see the movie on Eid-ul-Hudha.

An explosive trailer of Salman Iqbal Films, ARY Films and Six Sigma Plus co-produced film London Nahin Jaaye Ga has been released.

The trailer of”I will not go to London has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of ARY News.

The film will not go to London. It will be released under the banner of ARY Films on Eid-ul-Adha.


Karachi Amir Liaquat shared a long video message on social media and apologized to everyone.

In the 52-minute long video of Aamir Liaquat on Instagram, a message has been released for the whole nation including his three wives (former and current) and their two children. ۔

He wrote in his post that I will apologize to all those whose heart has been hurt in this broken life before I leave. Those who have digested my money before and including a big channel, just fear Allah and do not consider Dheel as the acceptance of their prayers.

In his message, the Member of National Assembly also addressed the youth and wrote that I urge the youth to come to the hearsay of someone before knowing or meeting him, from the halal earnings of raising their parents’ race for you. Don’t scatter your earnings and then your training by your actions. Live for Pakistan and don’t get lost in political slogans and abuse your army. Make fun of it but don’t make fun of it. Let it be known that everyone was born on the best calendar.

Explaining the allegations against Dania and his two ex-wives, he wrote: “I have emotionally said something bad to my wife Dania. I had spoken of his arrest. May Allah bless him and Bushra, Tobia Ahmed and Dua.

Let Bashari and others shine like stars in their education and knowledge and Tobia has become a star, God willing.

On the other hand, he said that I will always be active on Instagram and Facebook and meet as I am.

Amir Liaquat has announced to leave Pakistan forever after his third wife Dania Shah filed for annulment of marriage and alleged personal videos were leaked. Sending a message on Twitter, Amir Liaquat Hussain said that his own I will issue a final statement after which I will leave Pakistan forever.


Karachi Leading actress Hareem Farooq narrates an interesting story of her disappearance in childhood.

Actress Hareem Farooq participated in private TV channel program Shaan Sehwar and answered various questions of host Nada Yasir.

Hareem Farooq narrated the incident of getting lost in her childhood. She said that she went out when she was eight years old and asked the driver to leave her at her aunt’s house. She had to go for food.

The actress said that I was stubborn and said that if you do not leave, I will leave myself. She smiled and said goodbye.

Hareem said that I left at the request of the driver. I knew the way. The way to my aunt’s house would be half an hour.

At that time in Islamabad, a child was walking alone. People would ask him where he was going. I also met an uncle. He asked where my son was going. I told him that I was going to my aunt’s house.

Uncle asked Son how old are you?” I said I am eight years old. Uncle asked me which class you are in. I said I am matriculating.

I told my uncle and went ahead and reached near my aunt’s house. It was getting dark when two boys came to me. They also asked me where I was going. I said that I was going to my aunt’s house.

Hareem Farooq said that these boys asked
Son, do you know where your aunt’s house is? I told them that it is just a short distance away. Yes, I said no, I don’t know at home

The boys said We will take you home. After telling Amy Abu, they will drop you off at your aunt’s house.

When he came home, my mother and father were in the police station. Grandpa and Grandma were worried about where she had gone. He said Okay I won’t go next time.”


Leading actress of Pakistani drama assiduity Armina Rana Khan refused to accept Shahbaz Sharif as PM.

Famous Actor of Pakistani showbiz assiduity Armina Khan replied in her communication on social networking point Twitter after Shahbaz Sharif was tagged PM
You aren’t my high minister he wrote.

After the tweet some druggies supported him while some druggies started censuring him while opposing him.

PML-N President Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been tagged unopposed as the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

During the meeting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) blazoned to swap the election of the Prime Minister and to abdicate from the Assembly.

Acting Speaker Qasim Suri also apologized for presiding over the National Assembly session and said that his heart doesn’t allow him to be a part of this process.


Captain we will bring you back to actress Maryam Nafees.

Maryam Nafees wrote that Prime Minister Mubarak should be congratulated on Noon Leagues and Patwaris but it will not last long.

She has wrote that increase your qualifications so that you do not have to try to defeat the conspiracies. Is.

Power now with the of the people we will bring you back in a few months because you are honest and loyal to Pakistan.

Leading showbiz personalities from across Pakistan took part in the pro-Imran Khan protests yesterday, including Maryam Nafees.

She also said on the occasion of participating in the demonstration in Karachi that she does not recognize the new government. The new government wrongly removed Imran Khan from power, which is why people are present to protest even at dawn.

MF praised the National Assembly member Ali Muhammad Khan’s enthusiastic speech in Parliament and Imran Khan’s support on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Twitter in message the actress wrote that she has a lot of respect for Ali Mohammad Khan and what a great speech he made in the National Assembly.


Rang Rasiya confirmed the separation of Sana Javed from the campaign in her Instagram story.

Leading clothing brand Rang Rasiya has separated actress Sana Javed from her promotional campaign after various model make-up artists, stylists and newcomers accused actress Sana Javed of inappropriate behavior.

Brand Rang Rasiya said in an Instagram story on March 15 that the brand is deeply concerned over the recent allegations of misconduct against Sana Javed.

Brand view of the serious allegations leveled by various individuals the company has decided to exclude Sana Javed from its advertising campaign.

Company said that a promotional campaign was recently launched with Manal Saleem and Sana Javed for Rang Rasiya’s Eid collection and several photo shoots were also done but now they will do another photo shoot of the promotional campaign.

Brand has confirmed that it will now shoot an Eid Collection promotional campaign with a new face.

Rang Rasiya also warned other brands associated with the fashion industry to come up with other issues like the said issue and said that the brands should act with caution.


Actress Areeba Shahud has tied the knot.

Actress Areeba Shahud who played the part of Jharna in Pakistan’s most popular drama Pari Zad got married.

Marriage prints of Areeba Shahud with her hubby are going viral on colorful social media platforms. Khobro actress Areeba Shahud is wearing a red marriage dress while her hubby is wearing a beautiful white sherwani.

Areeba Mashhood have been praising her and expressing good wishes on these viral prints.

Areeba Alvi is a rising name in the Pakistani drama assiduity She was first seen starring in the drama periodical Anna with Haniya Amir Usman Mukhtar and Shehzad Sheikh, after which she played the part of Jharna in the most popular drama.


Leading actor Masood Akhtar has passed away.

Actor Masood Akhtar was suffering from lung disease and has been undergoing treatment in the hospital for some time now. Them funeral prayers will be offered after Asr.

Masood Akhtar was hospitalized intermittently for the last several years due to old age and various medical complications and the last time he was admitted to the hospital was in January 2022. He became more ill after October last year because last year he was alone. The son also died of a heart attack.

Born in September 1940 in Sahiwal, Punjab, before the formation of Pakistan, Masood Akhtar began his artistic career in the 1960s and also acted in several films and television dramas.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan on August 14, 2005. Masood Akhtar has twice won the Pride of Performance Award.


Prizad opened the eyes of the authorities for reforms in the education system.

The protagonist of Pakistan’s most popular drama serial Preezade forced the Department of Education to reform the system.

Actor Ahmed Ali Akbar, who played the role of a fairy in the play, informed everyone through his Instagram story.

Ahmed Ali Akbar said that after the pre-drama, the Balochistan Education Department has talked of revising the budget of Urdu medium schools across the province.
The Education Department has decided to work for the improvement of primary Urdu medium schools and to provide better facilities to their education system.

He said that the department has decided that every effort would be made to make all Urdu medium primary schools in the province competitive with English medium schools.

In the last episodes of the play, Prezad was introduced as an Urdu medium school teacher where the children are very promising and want to study further.


What’s wrong with people wearing my clothes?
Well known actor Effat Omar.

An interview in with the BBC Effat Omar said that she does not take any kind of trolling on social media including dressing or make-up seriously.

Effat Omar told the critics that she is 50 years old but her heart is young and when her critics are also 50 years old then they will know.

When the heart is beating she wears red lipstick. When the heart is beating, she wears shorts. No one has the right to criticize anyone he said.

What hurts someone with what I wear is what they are taking from someone, their body is their will.