Actress Manal Khan wore a dress worth Rs 1.435 lakh at her wedding.

Manal khan high has expensive wore wedding dress.

Lahore: Actress Manal Khan, who got married, will be amazed to know the value of how many lakhs of dress she wore at her wedding.

Manal khan wedding dress very valued.

Various videos and photos of Manal Khan’s wedding celebrations are going viral on social media and users are also taking great interest in seeing photos and videos of his wedding.

The actress wore a pair of wedding dresses at the barat. The preparation of the pair involves the hard work of 55 people.
William’s pair was made by a well-known clothing brand called Iram Khan Quarter, which is valued at Rs 14.35 lakh.


Karachi Aiza Khan crosses another milestone.

Aiza khan crosses another Milestone

After Aiza, the most followed actress on Instagram is Ayman Khan who has 9 million followers while Mahira Khan is at the third position with 7.9 million followers.
Actress Manal Khan is fourth with 7.8 million followers and Sajjal Ali is fifth with 7.2 million followers.

Keep in mind that Aiza Khan is very active on Instagram. She posts pictures and messages of herself and her family on Instagram on a daily basis, due to which the number of her fans is constantly increasing. Aiza Khan is promoting her new projects on social media. She also keeps the fans informed about


Singer Humaira Chana’s mother passed away

Famous singer Humera chana mother passed away.

Humaira Chana’s mother was ill for a long time. Singer Naseebo Lal Humaira Arshad Tarnam Naz Hadiqa Kayani Saira Naseem Abrar-ul-Haq Jawad Ahmed Hamid Ali Khan Anwar Rafi Arif Lohar and other artists were deeply saddened by the death of Humaira Chana’s mother. What an expression of grief.


Lahore actress Saba Qamar and singer bilal Saeed have been issued arrest warrants.

Saba qamar and bilal Saeed have been issued arrest warrants

Actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed have been issued bailable arrest warrants in the case of shooting and video recording of songs at Masjid Wazir Khan. The accused in the case are accused of desecrating the mosque.

The prosecution, Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed danced in Wazir Khan Mosque and made a video of the accused.

It may be recalled that actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed are on trial for allegedly shooting video in the mosque. A case has been registered against the actress and singer at Akbari police station in Lahore on the complaint of Farhat Manzoor Khan was done.


We are indebted to the Pakistan Army for a good night’s sleep Adnan Siddiqui.

Senior Actor adnan Siddiqui Tribute to pay National Heroes.

In a message issued on the occasion of Defense Day, senior actor Adnan Siddiqui said that we are indebted to the Pakistan Army for a good night’s sleep.

Defense Day gives us the opportunity today to salute and pay tribute to our national heroes he said in a message on social media site Twitter.

The actor wrote that thanks to national heroes and fighters who sacrificed their lives in the service of our great nation.


Lahore: Pakistani actress Fiza Ali fell and injured during shooting.

Actor Fiza Ali fell in during Shooting

According to details, a video of actress Fiza Ali is going viral on social media in which Fiza Ali along with other cast can be seen shooting in a beautiful rocky place.

During the shooting, Fiza Ali suddenly fell down, after which the staff rushed to the actress. Someone started giving her water and someone tried to support her.

At the same time, the other staff and fellow actors looked so upset that the screaming started because after Fada Ali fell, I kept repeating the same sentence in the world of severe pain and my head exploded.


Be happy with one marriage Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Be Happy with one Marriage Hamza Ali Abbasi

According to the details, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that four marriages are allowed in Islam in extreme circumstances after the battle of Uhud when women and orphans were on the streets.

He said that at that time there were no social institutions and there was no arrangement to take care of these people. Then Allah ordered to take care of the orphans.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said that Allah has commanded that if you cannot take care of these orphans then marry their mothers but do justice because if justice is difficult then marry only one.

Hamza Ali Abbasi further said that most of the married men appear to be interested in the idea of ​​second marriage but do not pay the dues but I am very happy in my one marriage.


Karachi pop music queen Nazia Hassan has lost 21 years to her fans.

Nazia Hassan has lost 21 years to her fans.

Nazia Hassan, the founder of pop music in Pakistan and the owner of a surreal voice, opened her eyes in Karachi on April 3, 1965. She spent her childhood in educational institutions in Karachi and London.
Nazia Hassan, who entered the world of singing in 1975, started her career with the PTV program Kaliyon Ki Mala, whose song Dosti Aisa Nata became very popular. Nazia Hassan started singing at the age of 15 and her brother Introducing disco and pop songs with Zohaib Hassan, the well-known singer has always shared happiness with others through her voice.

His fame spread throughout London in the late 70’s when he was approached by the well-known musician Bido, and his first album, Disco Deewane, was recorded there, captivating half of Asia because of its English-Urdu accent. Hindi Classic Disco and Pop was a glimpse of all. Disco Madness was heard in 14 countries and was considered one of the best songs in Asia at that time.

In those days, Indian actor and director Feroz Khan was making a film called Qurbani for which he was looking for a different voice which was only Nazia Hassan’s. He was contacted. At that time he was only fifteen years old. Cause

Nazia and Zohaib founded pop music in Pakistan. Apart from Disco Deewane, Boom Boom Young Tarang Hotline and Camera are also their albums. Has won several national and international awards. He won the Filmfare Award at the age of 15.

Nazia Hassan was awarded Pakistan’s highest honor, the Pride of Performance, as well as the Platinum Double Platinum and Golden Discus Awards.
Nazia Hassan also appointed UN Cultural Ambassador Nazia Hassan married in 1997 but their marriage failed. Nazia Hassan later divorced her husband in 2000. Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer on August 13, 2000 in London. Meet your real creator in a hospital at just 35 years old.


Senior well-known actress and educator Dardana Butt passed away.

Leading Actor Dardana butt passed away

Dordana Butt was diagnosed with cancer. Dardana Butt was also diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Dardana Butt was born in Lahore on May 9, 1938. Dardana Butt completed her education from Kennard College, Lahore and did her PhD in Karachi Dardana Butt University of Toledo Educational Administration.

Dardana Butt made her acting debut in the PTV comedy sketch program Fifty Fifty in 1978. In 1980, Sultana’s role in the drama Angan Teerha took her to the heights of fame. I played a memorable role for Bibi.

Dardana Butt Demonstrates Her Skills As A Character Actress Dardana Butt’s Last Drama Shame On Air In 2019 Dardana Butt’s Other Popular Drama ۔

Karachi Dardana Butt has acted in 6 films besides theater. Dardana Butt has been on ventilator for the last several days. Dardana Butt was suffering from cancer. She was also diagnosed with Corona.

Family members say that the funeral prayers of actress Dardana Butt will be offered at Sultan Masjid in Karachi after Asr prayers.
Actor dardana Butt also served as principal at a Cambridge school.


Lahore actress Nimra Khan appeals for prayers from critically ill fans.

Famous Actor Nimra khan apple for prayers for critically ill fans

Actress Nimra Khan has shared some of her photos on the popular photo sharing app Instagram in which she can be seen sitting in a wheelchair in the hospital and seriously ill.

He said that he is in severe pain due to a stomach infection and he appealed to the fans to take 2 minutes and pray for his speedy recovery.

He wrote elsewhere that no one can estimate how much I am in pain. Please pray for me.

She was born on June 26, 1991, Nimrah is a well-known actress in the Pakistani TV industry.