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Withdrawal of US and Allied troops from Afghanistan.

Withdrawal of US Afghanistan

There is a saying of the elders that when one enters a house and goes out, the door and the wall of that house are shaken.
What were the reasons for the arrival of US and allied forces in Afghanistan?
Have the goals that the Allies wanted to achieve been achieved? Coalition forces have been in Afghanistan for more than 20 years.
Numerous children, old people and women have been martyred, many have been injured and deported. Millions of coalition forces have been forced to take refuge in Pakistan.
Shelters have to bear financial losses but the Allies have failed miserably in achieving their goals.
Pakistan is facing the worst disaster after Afghanistan. Terrorism has been spread all over the country. Thank God that the Pakistani forces have overcome it with the help of the people. Today, thank God, our armed forces have Build and develop by restoring peace and order.

The United States will not want peace and stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the withdrawal of troops, while Pakistan’s first desire is to establish peace and stability in both countries, the situation is much better for Pakistan today than 2000, thank God.
Regional countries China, Russia, Iran and Turkey also consider peace and stability in Afghanistan necessary for regional security.
There is complete solidarity between the civil and armed forces of Pakistan which is not being digested by the enemy and the internal opposition parties but there are good hopes that regional peace, order, prosperity and stability will come in Afghanistan, God willing.


Supreme Court granted three-month summer vacation.

Court of Justify

The Supreme Court has issued a notification for a three-month summer vacation. A debtor country, in which the Supreme Court receives more than Rs 1.5 million, rests at home for three months, including salary and benefits. The purpose of giving 2 to two and a half months of summer vacation in educational institutions is understandable to protect children from the heat. But Supreme Court and High Court judges sit in air-conditioned vehicles from air-conditioned homes in air-conditioned courts.

The number of pending cases in Pakistan is in the millions. Sailins have been waiting for their cases for years. Neither the government nor the people can question these esteemed judges who have made Pakistan 118th in the world in the delivery of justice. Judges of district courts, including the High Court, do not do any physical work to be paid lakhs of rupees monthly from the national exchequer during 3-3 months of vacations and holidays. Others, if they cannot get into the habit of facilitation, these 3 months leave without pay. Should be

In a poor indebted country, this luxury is incomprehensible, but the tragedy is that even if judges or the judiciary speak legitimately, there is a fear of contempt of court, which is why governments watch the spectacle as silent spectators. ۔ The rich feudal investor can’t even touch the murderers. The skin of the poor man has to come down. The poor don’t get justice at all. Today, thieves are free to go bankrupt and build property in London, and a poor man has been imprisoned for years for stealing bread, and judges sitting on the bench are paid high wages from the blood and sweat of the poor. While in the case of the poor, there are no hefty wages or luxuries except for hard labor.


Pakistan’s smallest atomic bomb Hatf 9 Proud of Pakistan.

Nasar Missle

The smallest weapon of the Pak army is Hatf 9 which will carry the world’s smallest atomic bomb with it and will blow up India in a few minutes. Hatf is the name of a sword of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hatf The series is the real basis of Pakistan’s nuclear missiles.

Hatf Nine 9 ie Nasr Missile HATF 9 Cold Start Doctrine vs Pakistan’s Nasr Missile will prove to be Shamsheer Haidari InshaAllah

India’s death Hatf 9 Nasr missiles When the sword of Hazrat Ali (as) was on the necks of the polytheists, with a single blow of his sword, the heads of the polytheists were severed.

And the length of his sword was one yard. Whenever the Hatf 9 Nasr missile had to be fired at the east, it would turn hundreds of thousands and millions of polytheists into a heap of ashes after a flight of 40 to 65 kilometers. Is the smallest missile that can carry the world’s smallest atomic bomb. In fact, India has been preparing to attack Pakistan for three decades.

For this attack, India has developed a special attack strategy which they call the Cold Start Doctrine. India has spent about 90 90 billion on this strategy and in addition 900,000 soldiers have been given special training. India’s strategy includes thousands of state-of-the-art tanks and as many advanced aircraft. And more sophisticated war machinery has been procured by India which cannot be less than a threat to Pakistan. India had installed all this machinery at a distance of 70 km from the Pakistani border.

The second reason for installing it at 70 km so that it could strike at any time in a very short period of time was that no atomic bomb of Pakistan could destroy it as there is no such thing as a short range atomic bomb. There was a great danger for it if it was not destroyed
So Pakistan may have to pay a heavy price.

Pakistan does not have enough resources to compete with our weapons even 10% of India’s doctrine but Pakistan is built in the name of Islam. Allah has bestowed His special grace on this country. Pakistan produced a masterpiece named Nasr.

Nasr is the smallest missile in the world and has a range of 40 to 70 km. This single missile has invalidated the entire Doctrine of India. This missile can destroy the entire Cold Start Doctrine of India in just 5 minutes.

Because the atomic bomb used in it is so small that it can be launched even with a cannon. It takes a huge amount of uranium to run an atomic bomb, but Pakistani scientists have built the world’s smallest nuclear reactor. Surprised Nasr missile shattered the pride of India’s cold start. Praise be to Allah.
Now, in order to avoid Nasr, India will have to keep the Cold Start at least 100 km behind the border of Pakistan. If this situation is even slightly advanced in the war, Nasr will be hit by Nasr. It works like a conventional bomb. But its destruction is far greater than conventional bombs.

If India is attacked through the Cold Start Doctrine, then Pakistan will have no option but to run it
If Modi is fully aware of the Nasr missile, the rest of the world will never make the mistake of attacking Pakistan. The biggest feature of the Nasr missile is that it is so small that it can fit in F16 and JF-17. When our planes enter India with these missiles, they will come back only after erasing the map of India, God willing.

India does not have any nuclear missile that can fit in any aircraft. Nasr can fly from a height of less than 1 km, so India will not be able to deactivate it, God willing. Nasr is Pakistan’s victory and Pakistan’s pride. Is. India does not have the victory of Nasr and only Nasr will prove to be the death of the whole of India, God willing


America CIA report.

The 11-day Israeli army continued its atrocities against the Palestinian people. The israel had the full support of the US government. The report of the US intelligence agency C I A caused a stir in the US houses. According to the report

  1. Russia threatens the United States
    2- China openly coming forward
    3- Iran’s attack on Israel from Syria and Lebanon
    4- Pakistan and Turkish Air Forces red alert on air bases in Iraq and Jordan.
    The report said that the red alert of Pakistan and Turkish Air Forces was of great importance.
    US President Joe Biden briefed Netanyahu on the situation at an Israeli meeting. Netanyahu briefed his cabinet, military and intelligence, on the CIA report, and 11 days later, Israel declared a ceasefire with the Palestinian president.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s interview to CNN also played an important role. Due to which, it did not take long for the US intelligence agencies to understand the overall situation with the role of Pakistan and Turkey after Russia and China. That new leadership is emerging at the international level.
It became clear that by uniting, the oppressor could be stopped from oppression.
Surprisingly, no one confirmed or denied the Kuwaiti journalist’s revelation and the world’s media is as silent as a snake.
Only after the Kuwaiti journalist Zaid Hamid tweeted and Sabir Shakir mentioned it on his personal blog even though it was heartbreaking news.


The sun of unity of the Muslim Ummah has risen.

Freedom Palestine Soon

For 100 years after the end of the Ottoman Caliphate, Muslims lived in great depression. The distance from the knowledge of the Muslims gave Aghiar the opportunity that even after centuries of freedom from slavery, we remained mentally in Western slavery.

Pakistan advanced its armed forces on the strength of nuclear power and immense manpower and took the Muslim countries into confidence and presented the issue of Palestine to the United Nations in a very beautiful manner.

1- To the Palestinian people
There is no bad navy or air force.

  1. Israel is oppressing the unarmed Palestinian people with the help of military power and a great superpower.

3- The countries agreed in the Security Council should form their own allied group.

  1. Create a United Nations Security Force to protect the Palestinian people
    Work on this roadmap will begin in the coming months and years. Inshallah, the day will come when the land of the Palestinians will be free from the oppression of Israel.

Democratic system


Hitler once brought a rooster with him to the House and began to pluck its wings in front of everyone. The rooster kept bubbling with pain, but Hitler plucked all the feathers one by one and threw them on the ground The rooster began to follow Hitler. Hitler threw the grain. The rooster ate the grain. The rooster followed Hitler. Finally, the rooster came to Hitler’s feet.

He said that people in democratic countries are like a rooster. Their leaders first rob the people of everything and paralyze them and then become their Messiah by giving them a little food. Former PML-N democratic leader Nawaz Zardari in his democratic era plundered the country and paralyzed the people, the consequences of which the people will continue to suffer for decades. Will


Prime Minister Imran Khan is in pain for the poor

Great PM Imran Khan

When Imran Khan came down from the stage after addressing the ceremony of building 5 million houses, a middle-aged man came in front of Khan Sahib and stopped him as soon as Khan Sahib heard the voice.

This person greeted and said after greeting
I work as a laborer. I have five daughters and a son who is disabled. We live in a rented house. Electricity and gas are not already in the house because we feed our stomachs with great difficulty. Inflation is increasing day by day. Is happening
There is never a day’s labor, never a day when my wife and children go to bed hungry

Khan Sahib remained silent and listened to the words of this person.

Sir, you have inaugurated the construction of 5 million houses, but this is also beyond my reach, because you have just said in your speech that even the lowest paid person will be able to get his own house. I do not even have a salary. How can I get my own house? …

Khan hugged him and then took him by the hand and again inaugurated the construction of 5 million houses with his own hands and looking at his ministers said
If any of you continue to bear the expenses of this elderly family, then Dr. Yasmeen Rashid raised his hand first.
Khan Sahib thanked Dr. Yasmeen Rashid and at the same time addressing the person said that whenever the first house of this project is completed, it will be given to you free of cost.

He told the second minister to take all the details of these elders. The people present at the function were so impressed by Khan’s words that in 10 minutes a donation of Rs. 4 lakh was collected for them.
These are the words of Khan Sahib’s poor upbringing due to which all the conspiracies of these enemies fail
Eyes get wet. I have never seen such a painful feeling of the poor in the history of the country. A Prime Minister who cares about them. Praise be to Allaah.
As long as there are prayers of such needy people with Murshid, no enemy can sell their hair. Inshallah Imran Khan will be a servant in every field, on every front. Amen.


Oxygen plant of Pakistan Steel Mills closed since 2015.

Oxygen plant of Pakistan

Oxygen plant of Pakistan Steel Mills closed since 2015 has the capacity to produce 520 tons of oxygen gas per day.
It will take 8 to 12 days for the plant to fully recover.
The plant employed 40 people, some of whom were laid off and are now unemployed.
The plant was shut down while it was operating in 2015, citing the need for oxygen when steel is not being made.

But now that the country is in dire need of it, the supply of oxygen can be ensured in less than a week by working 24 hours on an emergency basis.

Restoring the plant will require some foreign experts who can be brought to Pakistan by special aircraft under the current circumstances.
The Government of Pakistan is requested to immediately restore the oxygen plant of Pakistan Steel Mills.

And if work is done on an urgent basis, an abundant supply will begin in a week. And instead of politicizing it, serious action is urgently needed.
The government of Pakistan can immediately block the way of illicit earnings of those who have started selling 18,000 oxygen cylinders for 25,000.
Both the government and the people of Pakistan should take action against such people. It is not the responsibility of the government but of the people. The people should keep a close eye on the mafia selling expensive oxygen cylinders. Let all the institutions fulfill their responsibilities for their country and people in this difficult time.


Pakistan Day 23 March 1940.

Pakistan Day

Pakistan day 23 March is a very important day in the history of Pakistan. On this day, March 23, 1940, the Pakistan Resolution was introduced. On the basis of this, the Pakistan Resolution was launched by the Muslim League. Was later able to get her demand approved.

Pakistan Airforce

This was the demand that emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Every year on March 23 there is a general stalemate in the whole of Pakistan. In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, the three Armed Forces of the country parade on this day. The culture of the four provinces is presented. The falcons of the Pakistan Air Force salute in the airspace and perform excellent feats of their high performance.

Pakistan culture float

Pakistan day has a special significance in the history of Pakistan. On this day, the only representative party of the Muslims of the subcontinent (Muslim League) under the enthusiastic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah called for the establishment of an independent and sovereign state at its 27th annual meeting in Lahore to protect the rights of Muslims.

This historic gathering began on March 22, 1940, and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in his two-and-a-half hour speech that day, said that Muslims are a nation by any definition. Muslims and Hindus belong to two different religious philosophies and social customs. Who can marry each other and not eat together.

It clarified that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations who can no longer live together, their religions, beliefs and customs are different and they want a separate homeland.

The Pakistan Resolution was in fact the demand that emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and this day of March 23 reminds the people every year of the same spirit that led to the establishment of Pakistan.
March 23, 1940 is a golden day in the history of Muslims in Pakistan and the subcontinent
March 23 is not only a day to set speeches and events but also a day to renew one’s commitment to work for the strength and stability of the beloved homeland.

Current 23rd March 2021 What we gained and lost after gaining Pakistan
A few groups have been active in secularizing Pakistan from the beginning and still are, but the Pakistani majority, which has a special attachment to religion, is still based on slogans and is not concerned with practical struggle. Modern educational institutions in religious madrassas It is necessary that the race of the country should not be in the hands of looters but in the hands of patriots.

Our generations are still far from the true identity of the two-nation ideology and they are being further alienated. Our educational institutions are producing lifeless useless people in the name of curriculum. There are few groups and institutions that are still moving in the right direction. Praise be to Allaah. Our forces have been endowed with many abilities by Allaah, while the media is careless before it can play its positive role.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona test came back positive.

According to details, Special Assistant Dr Faisal Sultan has confirmed on Twitter that Prime Minister Imran Khan has tested positive for Corona, after which Imran Khan has quarantined himself at home.

The Prime Minister felt some symptoms, on which he underwent a corona test, but Imran Khan gave up all political activities and moved from the Prime Minister’s House to Bani Gala.

In this regard, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that the Prime Minister is in good health. Praise be to God, he had contracted the infection before he was vaccinated. He will remain in quarantine for about 10 days.

Special Assistant Dr Shahbaz Gul also confirmed that PM Imran Khan’s corona test was positive and said that Imran Khan is in quarantine at his residence. Thank God the PM’s corona symptoms are not severe. He has very mild cough and mild fever.

PM Imran Khan has tested positive for COVID-19. He is in quarantine at his residence. Thank God their symptoms are not severe, they have a very mild cough and a mild fever. May God heal them soon. Amen. Inshallah you will keep up to date with their health

It may be recalled that two days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan had vaccinated against corona and appealed for full implementation of SOPs in view of the third wave of corona.

It is believed that corona is growing rapidly in the country and the corona positive rate has come down to 9.46%. In 24 hours, three thousand eight hundred and sixty six cases were reported and forty two deaths were reported.