Captain we will bring you back to actress Maryam Nafees.

Maryam Nafees wrote that Prime Minister Mubarak should be congratulated on Noon Leagues and Patwaris but it will not last long.

She has wrote that increase your qualifications so that you do not have to try to defeat the conspiracies. Is.

Power now with the of the people we will bring you back in a few months because you are honest and loyal to Pakistan.

Leading showbiz personalities from across Pakistan took part in the pro-Imran Khan protests yesterday, including Maryam Nafees.

She also said on the occasion of participating in the demonstration in Karachi that she does not recognize the new government. The new government wrongly removed Imran Khan from power, which is why people are present to protest even at dawn.

MF praised the National Assembly member Ali Muhammad Khan’s enthusiastic speech in Parliament and Imran Khan’s support on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Twitter in message the actress wrote that she has a lot of respect for Ali Mohammad Khan and what a great speech he made in the National Assembly.