Can Corona Virus Spread From Smart Phones’ Screens?

Medical experts say smartphones are at risk of spreading the Corona virus.
According to the details, the virus has caused the whole world to be disturbed, experts are also cautioning against the virus. Experts are threatening to corrupt the smartphones screen. The virus can spread.

The Corona virus can also spread from smart phones screens because you may have to touch the germicidal hand screen and apply it to the whole germ screen, which can cause the spread of the disease.
According to an immunologist at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, corona viruses can live at room temperature for up to 96 hours or up to 4 days on a glass-like smartphone screen.

Medical experts say consumers need to clean their mobile phones twice a day in the presence of the Corona virus via smartphone to eliminate the germs in it.
It should be noted that the Corona virus that has spread from China is now spreading all over the world.

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