Bilquis Edhi 74 age at the passed away.

The death of well- known social leader Abdul Sattar Edhi’s widow and social worker Balqis Edhi was verified by his son Faisal Edhi.

Balqis Edhi has been critically ill for the once many days and is witnessing treatment at a private sanitarium in Karachi.

When her condition deteriorated she was shifted to Vanity Fair but she couldn’t survive. Balqis Edhi completely supported her hubby Abdul Sattar Edhi in forming the Edhi Foundation the largest weal association in Pakistan.

At the tender age of sixteen, she entered her nursing training from Edhi’s Nursing Academy.

He served in the same institution for two times. After his marriage to Abdul Sattar Edhi, he didn’t look back.

Services for Hilal Imtiaz was awarded by the Government of Pakistan while Mother Teresa Award was conferred by India in 2015.
Faisal Edhi son of Balqis Edhi said that his dear mama didn’t live in the world.

After the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the late Edhi was the Speaker of the Foundation.