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Dear / Respected citizen of Pakistan

If you want change in this country, then you have to fight this battle

You are requested to read this message and if you agree, send it to at least 20 people in your contact list and take their feedback later.
In three days, most people in Pakistan will read this message.

Pakistan Every citizen in should raise their voice.
Reforms Act of 2023

  1. Members of Parliament should not get pension because it is not a job but an election in the spirit of serving the people and does not entail retirement.
  2. The salary of members of Parliament should be revised under the Central Pay Commission. Salary their should be equal to that of a common laborer

(Currently, they vote their own salaries and get raises at will

  1. Members of Parliament should seek treatment for their health in government hospitals where ordinary Pakistani citizens are treated.
  2. All concessions like free travel, ration, electricity, water, phone bill should be abolished or all these concessions should be given to every citizen of Pakistan.

(Not only do they get this discount, but their whole family indulges them and they regularly add to it – the height of sheer snobbery and shameless insolence.)

  1. Members of Parliament who have a criminal record or who have a bad record and have been convicted in the past or present should be dismissed from the current Parliament and banned from participating in the election process in all respects and the reason for such Members of Parliament The financial loss of the country should be compensated by selling the properties of their families.
  2. Members of Parliament must abide by all laws applicable to the general public.
  3. If people do not get subsidy on gas, electricity, water
    No member of Parliament should get subsidized food in Parliament Canteen
  4. Retirement age should be 60 years for politicians also. And it should be mandatory to pass the medical test even if medically unfit is not eligible to participate in the selection

Serving in Parliament is an honor, not a lucrative career to loot

  1. Their education should be at least Master’s and religious education should also be higher and professional degree and expertise should also be obtained.
    And must pass NTS test.
  2. Children their must also study in government schools
  3. No guards allowed for security

If each person sends at least twenty people, it will reach most people in Pakistan in just three days

Time don’t you think it’s to raise this issue?

If you agree with this, share it for yourself and your posterity✌✌
Can it be implemented in Pakistan?