As long as I am alive, I will never accept these thieves, robbers and slaves, Imran Khan.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan while addressing a public meeting in Attock said that when I call Islamabad, government officials should send their families to participate in the police and military march. This is the real war of independence of Pakistan.

Ex PM said I salute Dr Rizwan. Dr Rizwan was killed by Sharifs. Hamza Shahbaz had threatened Dr Rizwan. Whoever goes after the corruption of Sharifs and Zardari, they kill him.

Imran Khan said, We are a free nation. Our word frees us. There is a decisive moment in the country. An big decision is going to be made. Will we continue to be a free country or will we enslave America? Born in independent Pakistan, we were slaves in India. We had to fight the wars of the British. Millions of people died in the wars of the British. These are the people who occupy and enslave.

He said that Asif Zardari is the biggest disease of this country. It is a sign of doomsday that Asif Ali Zardari is talking about NAB and electoral reforms. Nawaz Sharif sits outside and abuses the army. Comes and starts polishing it. The third one is the one who has been selling Islam for thirty years. I call them Three Stooges. This is not politics. It is not jihad.

In his address, he said that there are 18 murder cases against the Home Minister. Nawaz Sharif’s daughter who is guilty is getting protocol. Rangers are providing security. There are cases against Shahbaz Sharif worth Rs. 24 billion. Now he is getting NRO. The FIA, which had made cases against him, is closing the cases.

He said that when I came to know about the conspiracy, I told those who could have stopped the conspiracy that they have handled the country with great difficulty. If the conspiracy was successful, it would be a great loss. The dollar is rising. Inflation is rising. Electricity is rising. Who is responsible for this?

Pakistanis! Remember, you have to go out with me for your children’s future.

Man has three kinds of fears: Death, honor, sustenance and all three. Allah has commanded that they are in my hands. So what is the fear of Bhutto? I have always promised that I would never bow down to anyone nor would I allow you to bow down to anyone.

He called our ambassador Donald Trump and said that if the mistrust fails then we will isolate Pakistan. If Imran Khan is removed then we will forgive him. We have left this biggest deficit. The country was developing. Income was increasing. Exports were increasing. The farmer was prospering. Then this conspiracy took place.

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