Another great news for Pakistan is the announcement of MG Motors UK car models.


The great news is that MG Motors UK has announced the launch of two new car models in Pakistan
Pakistani company MG Motors Pakistan in partnership with MG Motors UK set up an electric car manufacturing assembly plant in 2020. The assembly plant has started work in which cars are being manufactured. It was a long dream of every Pakistani that cars be manufactured in Pakistan. Praise be to Allaah. Now this dream has come true.

Congratulations to Javed Afridi of MG Motors Pakistan, whose company has started making cars in Pakistan in association with UK’s MG Motors. These cars will not only be sold inside Pakistan but will also be exported.

According to the Times of India, Pakistan has received 10,000 orders for these cars and this news is being given by the newspaper of our eternal enemy country India.

We are proud and happy to see MG cars being manufactured in Pakistan. Credit for all these works goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team. Thanks to Imran Khan and his team for their hard work and passion as a result of patriotism.

This became possible and now a large number of foreign companies are investing in Pakistan. Inshallah, this investment will increase day by day. Very soon Pakistan will be included in the list of developed countries.