Angry Sri Lankans set fire to Prime Minister Vikram Singh’s hearthstone after seizing the presidential palace.

The profitable extremity in Sri Lanka has worsened, which has turned the grief and wrathfulness of the people there into provocation, which they’re demonstrating by breaking the curfew assessed on the country and attacking the places of government officers.
According to foreign media, angry people of Sri Lanka also attacked the hearthstone of Prime Minister Vikram Singh after enwrapping the presidential palace. There are also reports of several protesters being injured during the kick.

Angry people set fire to Vikrama Singh’s private hearthstone and also protested and chantedanti-government taglines.
Protesters also demanded the immediate abdication of President Gotabaya Raja Pakse.

Sri Lankan protesters stormed the presidential palace just hours before the high minister’s house was set on fire, after which the chairman moved to an unknown position.
The people broke the curfew assessed by the army and stormed the presidential palace and entered the palace.

Before entering the presidential palace, there were violent clashes between the police and civilians.
Sri Lanka is presently facing a severe deficit of essential goods and another 20 million people have been suffering from affectation and prolonged power outages since the morning of this time.

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