An everlasting example of people’s love for Imran Khan.

Yesterday in the meeting of successful Imran Khan Sahib of Melsi, as soon as Khan Sahib started his speech with Bismillah, a voice attracted me. An old man was holding a mobile phone and trying to make repeated calls.

After receiving the call, he said, “Listen, listen, our Imran Sahib is speaking
The sound that is coming is given by Imran Sahib.

۔ And the whole speech was heard on a mobile phone.

When asked, he said, “Poor servant, yes, there is no TV in the house. My daughters said, ‘Father, I will listen to Imran’s speech in the meeting. We should also listen.’

Lianda A. of Mobile and Package Loa and listening to Guandian’s speech on mobile.

There were tears in his eyes when he saw the signs of travel fatigue on his face and seeing his passion.

As long as the prayers of such people are with Imran Khan, no power in the world can subdue Imran Khan. Allah never lets His true servant fall.

We used to consider ourselves very addicted to Imran Khan but today we found out that we are nothing
Such people are far ahead of us.
Long live imran khan.