Amir Liaqat’s last tweet.

In a tweet from the social networking point, it was said that Ana Allah Wana Ilya Rajaun has written a lyric with him. He has set up peace. No bone
has gone beyond the limits of grief. The suckers left me depressed.

On the other hand, a three- member platoon headed by police surgeon Dr Samia Syed has been formed for the postmortem examination of Dr Amir Liaqat. An necropsy will be performed at Jinnah Hospital to determine the cause of death of Dr Amir Liaqat.
An original statement from the staff to the police stated that” Amir Liaquat was in a critical condition since last night. He’d complained of heart problems. We claimed on taking him to the sanitarium but he refused.

While examining the house of Amir Liaquat Hussain, the police officers have gathered all the attestations so that all aspects of the incident can be examined precisely.
On the other hand, there are reports that Amir Liaquat Hussain had planned to leave Pakistan moment and go abroad, but Allah Almighty approved of commodity differently. He met Khaliq Haqiqi moment.
Amir Liaquat was deeply disturbed by the allegations of leaving his third woman
and filing a divorce case.

He’d lately participated a long communication on Instagram for his three women.

Amir Liaquat wrote that in a nanosecond and a alternate, the wise should understand who did what for whom and what was the answer. I don’t need anyone’s commentary and advice. Hippies Concernedneo and their global warming i will tell ya.

He wrote that when the scene shows each eye one by one and the rest of the characters in the scene the winner, this moment is enough for the wise to understand that the interval has just taken place. I’ll write in the rest of the story in which And no, I am leaving.

He’d said Insha’Allah, my departure will come the stop of every moment of these three from moment. There’s no other line for mortal beings that you can not do anything. I’m not unjust to anything but they’re wearing hijab anyway. still, this is the duty and responsibility of a hubby, but no bone
left as much as he could.

Some time agone
he participated a videotape in which he was seen humming to the song of notorious Pakistani songster Sajjad Ali. This videotape also contains a short clip of an interview given by Dania and Amir Liaquat to a private television channel.

He’ll issue his final statement from the Pakistani side shortly after the allegations against him after which he’ll leave the country ever.

He latterly wrote in his post on Instagram that I apologize to all those whose heart has been hurt in this broken life before I leave. I’ll forgive anyone who owes me a debt. Before Allah dies and whoever has digested my plutocrat including a big channel, just sweat Allah and don’t consider Dheel as acceptance of your prayers.

I prompt youthful people to hear to what they’ve heard before they meet or to meet someone, to raise their parents from running and suffering, and to earn halal plutocrat by running for you, and also you he said. Do not disrupt the training of Ki by your conduct. Live for Pakistan and do not get lost in political taglines and abuse your army. Make fun of it but do not make fun of it. Born on the stylish timetable.

In an emotional state, I’ve said commodity bad to my woman
Dania You won’t say that she’s still youthful and no bone
should worry about arresting her because I told her about arrest in torture. May peace be upon you, may Bashara and further shine as a star in your education and knowledge, and Tobi has come a star, Mashaallah.

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