America’s main target is Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed has expressed his reaction on the social networking website Twitter on US President Joe Biden’s malicious statement about Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed said that Joe Biden’s statement has explained the reason for change in Pakistan. The main target of America is Pakistan’s nuclear program and our economic, political and economic destruction is the beginning of it. Division is the second step.

He said that democracy should not remain, their agents should remain dominant, now the nation should decide whether to live with honor or to remain as a slave.

Cannot compete they with India with conventional weapons, nuclear technology is the only guarantor of the country’s integrity, but those whose money and properties are in foreign countries do not care about nuclear technology.

SR said in his tweet that he will hold an important press conference at Lal Haveli tomorrow at 2 pm.

US President Joe Biden, while addressing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has criticized Pakistan on the question related to China.

joi biden has said that Pakistan’s nuclear program is erratic and that it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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