All Nation eyes are on the Supreme Court.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the public and said that I am surprised by what happened in the Punjab Assembly. I always prayed that our democracy should be strong. One of the foundations of democracy is morality, but everyone saw the spectacle that politicians were paying the price.

He said that if such buying and selling had happened in any other society, action would have been taken. I ask the people to peacefully protest against what happened in the Punjab Assembly.

Imran Khan said that we have defeated the state machinery of all the parties and the corrupt Election Commission and today the Chief Minister of Punjab was being elected, then Asif Zardari was in Punjab since last night and had all the information that he will run the money by using the stolen money of the people. The funeral of Pakistan’s democracy takes place.

He said that these people are mafias and politicians, I am not surprised by what they have done in the assembly while it is clearly written in Article 63A that the decision of the parliamentary party is followed. was

The Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly does not understand what kind of person he is. Earlier, as a party leader, my letter was rejected in the parliament.

The former prime minister said that earlier, members of parliament were sold like sheep in the Sindh House, while the notorious robber Asif Zardari was buying and selling people, that is, people were bought and sold with the money of the people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that people were bought and sold in the Senate election, no action was taken when the footage of Yusuf Geelani’s son came, but no action was taken. Conscience sells, if there was such buying and selling in any other society, action would have been taken.

Despite what happened on May 25, remain peaceful.

He said that the people were angry who has the courage to remove our prime minister from outside. Our people were angry that corrupt people were imposed. arrived at