All ministers improve their performance Prime Minister.

In a ceremony held at the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Imran Khan distributed certificates of appreciation to 10 ministers and also addressed them.

He said that the distribution of certificates of appreciation would improve the performance of the ministries. All the ministries should know who did how much work.

The unnamed ministers are not here
Addressing his special assistant, he said that Arbab Shehzad Aap had made a mistake in first mentioning the top ten ministries due to which the rest of the ministers did not attend the function.
The Prime Minister instructed Arbab Shehzad not to tell anyone in future unless there was a function.

Imran Khan said that bonuses are given on the basis of performance in the private sector. We have to strengthen the economy of the country by promoting exports.

Congratulations to Murad Saeed on coming first. No system can be successful without punishment.

Additional allowances will also be given to the employees of the ministries to which Prime Minister Imran Khan has given certificates for outstanding performance.

On the basis of performance, the Ministry of Communications was number one. Murad Saeed took over all the ministers.

Asad Umar 2nd Ministry of Planning 2nd Ministry of Poverty Alleviation 3rd Shafqat Mahmood 4th Ministry of Education 4th Shirin Mazari 5th Ministry of Human Rights 5th Khusro Bakhtiar 6th Ministry of Industry 7th National Security Division 7th Abdul Razzaq Dawood 8th Sheikh of Ministry of Commerce Rasheed was ninth in the Interior Ministry and Syed Fakhr Imam was tenth in the National Food and Security Ministry.