After 2023, Pakistan will become a full power full phone industry.

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Mohammad Mohsin

Pakistan manufactures 71 phones domestically in 2021
This includes phones with 40% smart and 60% touch buttons.

1- In 2019, made a policy to manufacture mobile phones in Pakistan.

2- So far 28 factories are working in Pakistan and some factories will start operating in next few months.

3- So far 15,000 workers are working in these factories and more employment opportunities are being created.

4- According to government policy, by 2025, 90% of phone accessories will be manufactured inside Pakistan, only 10% will be from outside.

5- The manufacture of 71 phones inside Pakistan saved millions of dollars in foreign exchange and increased employment within the country.

From 2000 to 2017, no government paid attention to this, although Pakistan was the main importer and importer of mobile phones, as was the case with the motorcycle and car industries.

Thank God that the present government has paid attention to this and by formulating a manufacturing policy, motorcycle cars and phones are becoming a necessity in the country through foreign partnership.

More than 23 million mobile phones were imported to Pakistan in 2020. To reduce the cost of imports and boost the local mobile phone industry, the federal government launched an auto-policy mobile phone earlier this year. Introducing the policy announced incentives for manufacturing cheap and mid-range mobiles in Pakistan.

Telecommunication Authority, between January and July 2021, 12.27 million mobile phones were manufactured in Pakistan, while the number of imported mobile phones was recorded at 8.29 million.

In the first phase of incentives for manufacturing cheap and medium mobile phones, a concessional package for assembling mobile phones for six months was announced. Later tax exemption was also announced for making phones for two years.

Since the introduction of these tax concessions and the new mobile manufacturing policy, about 19 mobile companies have been licensed to manufacture their mobiles in Pakistan.

Currently there are more than 33 mobile assembly plants operating in the country where imported mobile phones are assembled from abroad.
In the new policy, the government obliges mobile companies to build the capacity of their plants in two years so that local production of various parts of mobile phones can be started locally.

The government has asked mobile manufacturers to manufacture spare parts and it is hoped that soon a company will set up a separate parts manufacturing plant and start supplying basic parts to various manufacturers.
Oppo Vivo Realm Huawei Techno and Infinix are currently the leading mobile phone manufacturers in Pakistan. Infinix has been operating in the Pakistani market since 2014.

The company has set up the first mobile assembly plant in Pakistan which has been in operation for over a year and a half.

Infinix Company Introduces High Quality Mobile Phones In Pakistan Recently Infinix Introduces Concept Phones Equipped With Advanced Technology Thanks To Its Powerful 160 Watt Charger This Phone Can Recharge A 4,000 mAh Battery In Just 10 Minutes will make.

Infinix’s largest plant has the capacity to make 3 million phones a year
On the other hand, a spokesman for the relatively new phone manufacturer Realm in the Pakistani market

On the other hand, a spokesperson for RealMe, a relatively new phone manufacturer in the Pakistani market, told Urdu News.

The Infinix concept phone will be able to fully charge a 4000 mAh battery in just 10 minutes thanks to a 160 watt charger.

Realm Company is providing the world’s latest technology at affordable prices to the general public. Realmmy is now introducing FiveG technology and the company intends to make 100 million FiveG phones by 2024.
At low prices, new mobile phone brands dominate the market, most of which have also set up plants in Pakistan. Now almost all the companies’ phones are being made in China. The quality is equal and everyone is more dependent on price happens.

Many new companies have introduced cheap smartphones which are offering all the features that are available in expensive phones at a lower price than the Pakistani market but their quality is a bit lacking but there are all kinds of customers in the market. All brands are equally popular. People now pay more attention to features, not brand names because they are all Chinese made phones and have to be replaced after two years.

The mobile companies that have set up plants in Pakistan are now only assembling for which all the parts are imported, the price of which depends entirely on the value of dollar, therefore the market price of new phones is also determined by the value of dollar. Depending on whether the arrival of new and local brands has definitely created an atmosphere of competition in the market which will ultimately benefit the people.

And after 2023, insha’Allah, Pakistan will become a full-fledged phone industry

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