A Way to Accept Prayer.

Other day I went to Ras Al Khaimah. On the way I stopped at a mosque for prayers. It was noon time. Usual as I was sitting in the front row. There was an old man sitting next to me. I will definitely meet them.
When the congregation was over, they sat down in a corner of the mosque with the Holy Quran.
I dared to approach and greeted him and asked Do you understand Urdu?
He knew Urdu very well. Belonged to he a preaching group in Yemen.
I asked Baba Sahib to tell me the best way to accept the prayer

He said that with 100% guarantee, tell me the method of accepting prayers which Allah Almighty does not reject
I said anxiously, Bismillah
They said that Mian was the first in every prayer
Pray for parents whether they are alive or not.
Because the prayers of your parents have been gathering for you from Allah Almighty since you were born. Do this deed from today.
The mirage is seen. As you get closer to it, this process of prayer will disappear
Your life will Troubles disappear like this mirage God willing.

Believe me, since that day I have not taken a single bath and the paths are opening as if the morning cuts through the night and spreads the light.