A scheme has been made to disqualify Imran Khan.

Addressing a seminar in Islamabad, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there are times in the whole world when people are tried to be controlled. Even in dictatorship or monarchy, there is an attempt to control human thinking, that is the control of society. It is not for improvement but for the government of human beings. History is a witness that the societies that have given freedom of opinion have progressed.

He said that I always try to learn from my mistakes. I have seen the British and Pakistani society very closely. In Pakistan, there is a separate law for the rich and the poor. It happens that he does great things, a slave never does great things.

Also see the poetry of Allama Iqbal, he has always talked about freedom. Slavery always keeps the human mind enslaved. When I talk about real freedom, I try to make my nation free.

They say I have never feared a free media, I have taken away the freedom of the media during my time. Dictators always want control over the media because they are afraid of freedom of expression. .

He said that I have fought a case of character assassination in Britain. In Britain, there is freedom of expression, so there are laws of character assassination. Najam Sethi accused me. I was the prime minister. I did not get justice. In our society, when the prime minister does not get justice What will happen to the common man?

PML-N and PP made corruption cases against each other. I came against corruption in politics. In a country where there is no supremacy of law, there is corruption. Unless the powerful are brought under the law, there is no supremacy of law.

He said that I do not say that the establishment was involved in the conspiracy, but I ask them how they allowed these people to dominate. They have shown their cases, they continued to rob the country, yet why they were allowed to impose.

All efforts are being made to bring Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan, a scheme has been made to disqualify Imran Khan and after that allow elections with Nawaz Sharif. I am being compared with Nawaz Sharif which will never happen.

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