80,000 Pakistanis sacrificed. Did the United States thank Pakistan?

Addressing a public meeting in Swabi, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we are the ummah of the great leader of the world, Nabi Kareem. Our slogan was Pakistan. What does Pakistan mean? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had broken these idols and freed the Muslims from fear.

He said that after 9/11, 80,000 Pakistanis made sacrifices in the US war in which the people of our tribal areas made the most sacrifices. 3.5 million people were forced to relocate. Has anyone thanked Pakistan?

Did the US say that 80,000 Pakistanis sacrificed, thank them?

The former prime minister said that when I make a call, I want to see the people of Swabi in Islamabad. My Pakistanis! Remember that slaves have no respect, imported government has been imposed under external and internal conspiracy, these American slaves should not be recognized in any way, everyone has to come to Islamabad and give a message to this imported government, and Those who have imposed this imported government should also be given a message.

He said that the funeral of Diesel and Stooges’ politics will come out together, at present 60% of the cabinet is on bail, the crime minister himself is on bail. He is a fugitive from the court who has gone and is sitting in London. The country in which such people are given high positions is destroyed. When thieves sit on top, they destroy the institutions first. One of the FIA ​​officers investigating the cases is Dr Rizwan Mirchaka, the other has a heart attack and is fighting a life and death battle.

In his address Ex PM said that we have to become the Shaheen of Allama Iqbal. We have to be like the people who have to lead the world. They have gone down from the animals, they do not fill their stomachs by eating them.

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